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Monsieur X's photographs often feature names like Fanfan, Gaby, Gypsi, Jojo, Mado, Mimi, Nenette and Nono scribbled on the back, provide an alluring and sometimes alarming vision of life as a sex worker in early-1900s Paris.

Although the images are most often playful, featuring big smiles and frisky poses, they hint at the struggles these young women were subjected to.

He was sent with troops to recapture territory lost to enemy - Malucia East Capital Centakus.

Skilled in seducation and suavity, yet honest and strong, such are his seemingly contradictory traits.

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Legendary Montreal drag queen Mado La Motte hosts Mascara, now the biggest drag show on earth, at Divers/Cité, August 4 at 8 p.m. former UQÀM theatre student Luc Provost, who quit university two credits shy of a bachelor’s degree – reminds me of the rock band KISS circa 1979: She absolutely refuses to be photographed without makeup.

"A photographer of the 30s, yet so close to our contemporary voyeurism.Weiss is the illegitimate child that was born in the lineage between a servant and the former emperor, and became an exceptionally strong person both in mind and body, aspiring to one day be among the elites of the empire so as to stop being looked down on the rest of the aristocrats of Malucia as the "stain of royalty".Aru is a mechanical doll about 70 centimeters tall and one of "Magical Machine Doll" (Madou Koukaku).Not to mention her statue doubles nicely as the marquee to her Gay Village nightclub, which itself is something of a beacon in a neighbourhood now hailed as one of the planet’s great gay meccas.“When young children walk past my club they always point to Mado’s statue,” Luc says proudly. ’ And his mother explained, ‘No, that’s a drag queen.’ But children are the first to recognize what drag queens really are.

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