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About 8 or 10 months ago, though, I started getting ridiculous hangovers (extended vomiting, headaches, etc.), after having only 3 or 4 beer.

(These symptoms would never occur, however, until around 9am the next day.) So, I switched to rum and whisky, and the sickness stopped happening.

I could see a drop or two oozing out, but I couldn't get myself to orgasm. --- Last night was one of the best nights I've had since Mistress let me move in with her. Mistress Katherine, a tall, attractive German woman with short, brown hair and a sturdy build, was accompanied by a girl named Annie. Except for black high heeled shoes and an iron collar that was heavy enough to make me wonder how she managed to stand upright. She appeared to be eastern European, with long brown hair and bright green eyes. He looked like a body builder--broad shoulders and narrow hips--and was naked except for a stainless steel cock cage and a leather hood that left only his eyes and mouth exposed. Her skin was pale, her hair a dirty blonde, pulled back in a pony tail.

If I took the head of my cock between my finger and thumb and rubbed, I'd feel tingly all over. I don't know what she was wearing when she arrived, but now she was naked.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been testing my luck again, trying one beer on occasion, and nothing happened.

So, two nights ago, I shared about 3 or 4 glasses of draught with some friends, and at about noon yesterday I quickly broke out in a strange skin rash -- 100's of small red spots (like small blood blisters) from my shoulders to my knees.

although i enjoy imports myself i am not sure if they differ from domestic ingredients. She drank Budwiser for years and started to have hives.

and my replies are taken from my news columns where people are invited to send me their weird real experiences of the paranormal and supernatural.

well, besides maybe more hops and grains in the imports??? I hope you find out, sorry i dont have any answers. wow I have heard of alcohol allergies but yours sound pretty severe.

I now believe that the destiny of mankind is overseen by beings from outer space who call themselves the Council of Nine.

We spend the majority of our lives constantly consumed with our perception of the past and anticipating—in either a positive or negative way—an imaginary future. More often than not the best things in life happen when our well-designed plans fall apart.

Almost invariably carried out by men on women; to be a male recipient means you're either extremely lucky or the giver believes you, as the British say, to bat for the other side.

A common, braindead, and therefore quintessentially British phrase, which explains the strange and nonsensical definition(s) sitting next to this one.

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