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More than 200 lawyers and activists were interrogated or detained from July 2015 in what rights groups said was the harshest crackdown on campaigners on the mainland for years.The researchers found 58 image search results for the Chinese term for “709 Crackdown” triggered censorship on Moments.There has been anecdotal evidence of picture filtering on We Chat, but the findings are the first systematic study of image censorship on a particular topic on the app, according to Lotus Ruan, one of the report’s lead authors.How to avoid getting your We Chat messages censored both in and outside China We Chat has more than 800 million users in China and is controlled by the technology firm Tencent Holdings.The move comes as a Sunday Tribune investigation into the sex industry in the Philippines has found that Irishmen are among the main clients of the brothels of Manila, Olongapo and the infamous Angeles City. Julie and Katie, who agreed to be photographed but asked us not to use their real names . They were just 13 and 14 years of age when they were approached by western tourists for sex (see panels on page 13).We interviewed former child prostitutes who claimed that Irishmen were among the most numerous customers in the brothels and sex bars in which they worked. Lax regulation Irishmen feature strongly among the westerners taking increasing advantage of the lack of police enforcement and lax regulation of underage girls in Filipino brothels.WHEN the sun sets over Angeles City, the neon glow from a single street illuminates everything around it. girls as young as 13 sold into the sex trade and farmed out to western men looking for cheap thrills. on the street, where they walk hand-in-hand with local girls often under the age of 18; in the cafes, where they joke with each other about their latest exploits; and in the bars, where they stare at semi-naked girls before picking the one they want to bring back to their hotel rooms. how children are purchased by bar owners and sold to tourists; how a hardcore group of European paedophiles has managed to evade justice; and how more and more Irishmen are travelling to the Philippines each year in order to buy the bodies of young girls.

All that and more, so what are you waiting for, JOIN us now!!!! The company has yet to respond to a request for comment about the researchers’ findings.Citizen Lab looked at the censorship of images related to the “709 crackdown” on the Moments feature on the social media platform, similar to the Timeline on Facebook user’s profiles.With the findings, Perez said they have given recommendations on how to address teenage pregnancy in the Philippine Development Plan of the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda).“We want to reduce the 11 to 14 percent of teenage pregnancy to about 6 or 7 percent, or at least reduce it to half in the next five years,” said Perez.

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The men were asked to meet their dates on the streets before going to love hotels for sex, but their dates did not show up.

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